Monday, January 20, 2014

Spinach and sun-dried tomato pasta

This was a quick and easy dish that turned out surprisingly tasty. It could have been prepared with vegetable broth for a vegetarian version.

8 oz penne pasta
8 oz baby spinach
1 tbsp basil pesto
15 sun-dried tomatoes
3 cloves garlic
2 oz parmesan
1 tbsp olive oil
1 cup beef broth
0.25 tsp pepper flakes
0.5 tsp oregano
1 tsp red wine vinegar

Rehydrate the sun-dried tomatoes and mix them with one minced garlic clove and the dried oregano. Set aside.

To a blender add 5 of the rehydrated tomatoes, one clove of garlic, the basil peso, the vinegar and a portion of the beef broth. Blend until smooth.

Boil the pasta until al dente. Drain. Meanwhile, in a sauce pan heat the olive oil, add the pepper flakes and the remaining clove of garlic, minced. Heat for 30 seconds and add the spinach leaves. Stir and heat until wilted.

Add the tomatoes and the drained pasta. Pour in the beef broth and the contents of the blender. Simmer until liquids are absorbed. Season with salt.

Serve with Parmesan grated on top.

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