Monday, September 17, 2012

Hungarian potato croquettes

If you love mashed potatoes and deep fried stuff, this is a food invented for you. Who wouldn't love deep-fried mashed potatoes? That's what these really are, and they are indeed amazing. If you get tempted to leave out the parsley, resist it. You need lots of delicious fresh parsley in this. That's what makes it amazing. Plus, you must serve it with a side of plain Greek yogurt. Yum!

300g cooked potatoes
100g flour
1 egg
0.25 cup fresh parsley leaves

for breading:
2 eggs
1/3 cup breadcrumbs

Press the potatoes through a potato ricer. Add the flour and mix.

 Add the egg and the parsley, salt to taste (as you would mashed potatoes). Mix until a soft dough forms.

 Roll out on a well-floured surface into a half-inch-thick layer. Cut into half-inch-thick strips, then cut into 2.5 inch long pieces.

 Roll each piece into a tubular shape.

Bread each piece by dipping it in whisked, salted egg and breadcrumbs. Deep fry until golden brown. Serve!

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