Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ham and eggs breakfast sandwich

Popular US ham is weird. Nothing like real, homemade, smoked ham. If you look closely at the packaging, the explanation is right there: "ham and water product". It doesn't taste like meat, the consistency is barely recognizeable...and if you freeze it, most of the mass flows out as water.
Nevertheless, in this breakfast sandwich the ham is quite edible.

4 oz ham
1 English muffin
1 egg
2 oz cheese

Brown the ham in a hot skillet. Toast the English muffin halves and immediately place the sliced cheese between the hot muffin pieces.

Fry the egg. Separate the muffin halves and place the egg on top of one side. Puncture the yolk and allow it to soak into the muffin. Add the ham piece and serve with cucumbers and tomatoes. Could make a perfect lunch.

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