Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gin and tonic

Our favorite highball cocktail around this time of the year. Gin tastes like pine trees :-)

1.5 oz gin
4.5 oz tonic
1 lime wedge
1 large ice cube

Well, it's pretty straight forward. Mix and drink.

We had one major issue: the last gin we tried (Gordon's) was not very flavorful. Our tonic testing already concluded that Schweppe's is by far the best available around these parts. But which gin to complement it with?

Well, we tested Tanqueray, Gordon't and Gilbeys. Gordon's is tastless. If you like 'hard gin', Tanqueray and Gilbey's are preferable. Gilbey's costs about a third of the price of Tanqueray; and surprisingly, we preferred it over the more costly Tanqueray.

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