Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cranberry ambiguity

This was tested at Thanksgiving, and we couldn't decide whether it was supposed to be a salad or a dessert. I guess it's kind of a fruit salad. Tasty served with barely sweetened whipped cream.

12 oz cranberry
1 can crushed pineapple
6 oz strawberry jello
0.75 cup sugar
0.5 cup chopped cherries
2 tbsp minced orange peel
1 chopped apple
0.75 cup cranberry juice

Pulse the cranberries in a blender until roughly chopped. Mix with the sugar. Stir in the other fruits and the orange peel.

Bring the juice to a boil and add the jello. Cool and pour onto fruit mixture. Place in fridge overnight covered tightly with foil.


  1. Jé, mi is Ocean Spray márkájú (import) cranberriest fogyasztunk. :-)

  2. I think they have a cranberry-monopoly... ;-)