Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pesto and Gorgonzola sandwich

This was a spur of the moment kind of thing. We were off hiking, and I was making sandwiches. My husband went with his usual ajvar sandwich and feta cheese. Sadly, since my whole health debacle started last fall, I can't eat spicy meals much. So, here was an opportunity to experiment. The results were amazing. At least in our opinion.

1 buttermilk sandwich roll
1-2 tsp basil pesto
1 tbsp freshly crumbled Gorgonzola
drizzling of extra virgin olive oil
cucumber slices

Cut the roll in half, spread with basil pesto on one side. Sprinkle with Gorgonzola and drizzle the other side with a flavorful olive oil. Now, if you are taking this on a hike, pack the cucumbers separately.

Right before eating, add the cucumbers. Scrumptious.

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