Sunday, April 17, 2011

American bento box...

...for overworked grad students. I see all these amazing food blogs by various people, and there is one thing most of them have in common: the writers seem to have time to cook. For the most part. Many also have amazing kitchens, and yet others seem to have large amounts of money for fancy ingredients (not to mention, access to those ingredients).

Well, I'm a poor graduate student, working in a small and somewhat dirty kitchen with limited equipment. I have little to no time to spare, but I must eat. And I like to eat well. Consequently I often end up cooking two-three different dishes over the weekend, and storing them to eat during the week. (Did I mention I have no time?)

So this week I'm giving you my $5 for 5 meals menu. It's a lunch box (except I use Pyrex dishes, as being a chemist I hate to microwave stuff in plastic). The price break down comes from $1 for 1.5 pounds of sweet potatoes, $1.50 for a pound of chicken breast, $2 for a pound of asparagus and $0.5 for a little bit of flour, an egg, salt and black pepper. I have a gas stove, and utilities are included in my rent, so cooking doesn't count.

The lunch box is baked sweet potatoes with a quick asparagus side dish (baked in parallel), with black pepper and paprika breaded chicken cutlets. The recipe for chicken cutlets will follow.

Oh, and this took less than an hour to prepare, and it comes out to $1 per meal :-) Go grad students!

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